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We have several research projects underway investigating several problematic lower urinary diseases in both cats and dogs.

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G. V. Ling Urinary Stone Analysis Laboratory

Urinary stone disease is a common and often frustrating disease for companion animals. The G. V. Ling Urinary Stone Analysis Laboratory provides quantitative analysis of urinary calculi (urinary stones) primarily utilizing the oil immersion method of optical crystallography. When optical crystallography is insufficient to identify the mineral components present in the layers of the calculus, infrared spectroscopy (IR), X-ray diffractometry (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive x-ray (EDX), and electron probe microanalysis (microprobe) can be utilized. By providing detailed mineral analyses of calculi submitted to our laboratory, we are able to provide data to help manage and prevent stone disease in our patients. While most stones we analyze are removed from cats and dogs, we have capabilities to provide detailed analyses of stones from a variety of species such as guinea pigs, dolphins, tortoises and ferrets. The data generated at our laboratory is used to help evaluate trends in stone composition, and what, if any, effect published therapeutic strategies for stone prevention have on the prevalence of stone disease in animals.

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Mission Statement

The G. V. Ling Urinary Stone Analysis Laboratory is dedicated to provide reliable, accurate and prompt layer by layer stone analyses for our clients. We strive to maintain the most current scientific techniques available for these analyses. Furthermore, we are committed to helping veterinarians manage their patients. We use science, technology and education as our tools.

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