Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Photo: washing common murre
An oiled common murre is washed.


Quick, expedient and effective action is essential to saving lives during an oil spill. Once activated by the Department of Fish and Game, the OWCN rapidly mobilizes to rescue oiled wildlife during spills in California. Live animals are then taken to specialized facilities and treated for several days prior to cleaning. Once clean, animals are cared for until they return to normal, then released.

Note: It's not safe to handle oiled wildlife without proper safety training. Learn how you can report an oiled animal to the OWCN.



The OWCN is kept in a constant state of readiness for oiled wildlife events. More...

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Reaching Out

Education and outreach to the public and scientific communities are a vital piece of the OWCN's activities. More...

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The OWCN annually sponsors up to $250,000 toward research on the effects of oil on wildlife. More...