Knights Landing

Knights Landing

The Students for One Health run a veterinary clinic alongside a medical clinic in the underserved agricultural community of Knights Landing, California, where they are fostering an ongoing discussion about One Health.

Knights Landing is an economically underserved community with a large migrant worker population from March through August. This community has many domesticated animals, including dogs, cats, and chickens. The goal of the project is to improve animal health in the community, because this impacts human health and well-being. Not only is the possibility of zoonotic disease transmission reduced, but healthy animals are less of an economic and emotional burden, and could even improve the livelihood of their owners.

In addition to physical exams, screening and vaccines, veterinary and medical students provide classes to the community on topics like nutrition, behavior/mental health, environmental health and zoonotic diseases.

At the end of each clinic, the medical and veterinary teams come together to conduct joint rounds, fostering open communication to develop this One Health model. Collaboration lies at the heart of this endeavor, and we hope to bring together students and professionals not only of veterinary and human medicine, but also of other disciplines, such as agricultural and environmental health, social work, urban planning, and public health.


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