Rx One Health

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Course Overview – The goal of Rx One Health is to provide a “prescription” or Rx for early career health professionals to prepare them for immediate engagement in global health careers that will demand effective problem solving skills, cross-disciplinary engagements, and solid foundations in field and laboratory activities. The intensive course is aimed at a level appropriate for recent graduates or students in medical and veterinary schools around the world, as well as other early career health, agriculture, and conservation professionals. The course is based on the principles and practices of One Health. Participants will be immersed in settings that will illustrate that the health of people, animals and the environment are inextricably linked. Rx One Health provides participants with direct access to mentors, tools, and knowledge to allow them to apply a One Health approach to their lives’ work. Course activities will all center on exposing participants to real-world One Health situations, challenging them to consider the many inter-related issues that are typical of complex problems, and to see firsthand, and even develop themselves, One Health strategies for overcoming these challenges. All Rx One Health participants will greatly improve their understanding and grasp of One Health competencies:  cross-disciplinarity; communications; professional integrity, ethics and diplomacy; vision integration and advocacy for change; teamwork; and systems thinking. In addition, exposure to concepts and skills necessary for designing and participating in emerging infectious disease and toxin control programs will be provided.

Eligibility – Enrollment is open to early career health, agriculture, and conservation professionals, with enrollment priority given to veterinary and medical students from the University of California and University of Rwanda.

Background ­– Led by the UC Davis One Health Institute and Sokoine University of Agriculture, the Rx One Health curriculum has been built on the tremendous legacy of a course called Envirovet Summer Institute that was co-led by UC Davis and offered multiple times throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and which trained more than 400 veterinarians and veterinary students from around the world in ecosystem health (a precursor to One Health). Like Envirovet, Rx One Health is an immersion-style, hands-on, intensive training course delivered over a 4-week period, with all coursework occurring in Tanzania.

Curriculum – Recurrent themes throughout Rx One Health are One Health, planetary health, human-wildlife-environment interfaces, zoonotic disease and mitigation strategies, animal agriculture strategies, wildlife conservation, food safety and sustainability, and community engagement. Training is in the form of seminars in classrooms, small-group discussions in laboratories with scientists and around campfires with pastoralists and village members, and hands-on field exercises at farms, in parks, and on lakes and rivers. Students spend time in laboratories observing experiments and studies, and will make presentations to stakeholders. Most importantly, the opportunities for structured group-sharing sessions, as well as unstructured brainstorming for effective problem solving, are just as enriching, as are one-on-one conversations with faculty mentors.

Students gain first-hand knowledge and experience with a variety of One Health challenges and solutions, including topics such as: animal-based food systems and zoonotic disease challenges (e.g. bovine tuberculosis); emerging infectious disease identification and control; wildlife capture; biosafety and security; cultural and ecological tourism; wildlife conservation and park management; water quality and delivery systems; health and food challenges facing underserved communities; and environmental contaminants. 

Faculty – Rx One Health is led by several senior faculty of the One Health Institute at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (UCD SVM). These UCD-based faculty will be joined by principal instructors in Africa. Other key partners will include staff of Ruaha, as well as several non-governmental health and agriculture organizations and small-business enterprises working in communities surrounding protected areas, who will open doors to their programs and projects for Rx One Health students.

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The Rx One Health course provides a unique hands-on experience to learn with a diversified group of global health professionals.  You will discover new ways of approaching global health challenges impacting communities, their animals and the environments they share. Watch "Rx One Health: A Student’s Perspective," filmed and edited by Rx One Health alumna Taylor Calloway, below. Read her Rx One Health Course blog on DVM Tales