• Photo: Deadly Marburg Virus Found in Sierra Leone Bats
  • Photo: Enabling global virus surveillance
  • Photo: bat guano farm
  • Photo: Saving endangered species
  • Photo: Working with students
  • Photo: Working to build capacity

The One Health Institute is active all over the world, working at the interface of animals, people and the environment to solve complex problems that impact health and conservation. The Institute grew out of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s deep commitment to the One Health approach and is home to the well-established Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center.

Executive Director Dr. Jonna Mazet, DVM, MPVM, PhD, and our team of scientists and educators provide innovation and leadership to UC Davis, the UC system, state and federal agencies and to partners across the globe.


Photo: PREDICT bat sampling

Building global surveillance to detect and prevent spillover of pathogens of pandemic potential that can move between wildlife and people. 

Global Virome Project

Photo: GVP bat sampling

A global initiative to massively lower risk of harm from future viral outbreaks over 10 years.

HALI Project

Photo: HALI

This collaborative US-Tanzania research and capacity-building program assesses the effects of zoonotic disease and water management on health and livelihoods in the Ruaha ecosystem of Tanzania.