EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics

The EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics develops innovative epidemiological and analytical tools to evaluate animal, human, and environmental mechanisms underlying disease emergence and distribution. Data rich mathematical models are used to evaluate risk of disease spillover and spread, as well as forecast the impact of disease on human and animal populations.

The EpiCenter leads research and training activities at the nexus of animal, human, and environmental health with a special emphasis on modeling of wildlife diseases. The EpiCenter’s initiatives and activities use applied transdisciplinary approaches to inform science-based policy on emerging issues regarding global health security and conservation.

Programs and projects

  • EpiData - Developing and curating big data on spillover and spread of zoonotic pathogens that can be integrated with data science initiatives and data sharing applications to inform biosurveillance and predictive models.

  • EpiX - Development of novel analytical techniques to evaluate patterns in past disease spillover and spread events, characterize risk, conduct epidemiologic threat assessments, and inform emerging threats to humans and animals.

  • EpiBiosurvillance - Projects with field activities to fill in critical data gaps related to distribution and drivers of zoonotic disease transmission. Field surveillance activities, such as surveillance for new flavivirus virus hosts in South American wildlife, are informed by predictive models to target hosts and high-risk interfaces. Surveillance data are then incorporated into predictive models to better estimate the role of sylvatvic hosts for zika virus distribution in South America.

  • PREDICT - Optimizing data collection and risk characterization tools for USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threat’s PREDICT project, which aims to strengthen capacity for early detection and prevention of emerging viruses with pandemic potential.

  • EpiTraining - Mentoring veterinary and graduate students, early career scientists, and more.  http://www.ecohealthalliance.org/program/ecohealthnet

  • EpiService - Providing epidemiological and analytical services to the One Health Institute, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center, and beyond.