One Health Institute Leadership Team

Jonna Mazet

jonna mazet

Executive Director, UC Davis One Health Institute 

Jonna Mazet, DVM, MPVM, PhD, is a Professor of Epidemiology and Disease Ecology and Executive Director of the One Health Institute in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where she focuses on global health problem solving, especially for emerging infectious disease and conservation challenges. Dr. Mazet is active in international One Health research programs, most notably in relation to disease transmission among wildlife, domestic animals, and people and the ecological drivers of disease emergence. Currently, she is the Global Director of a $175 million viral emergence early warning project, named PREDICT, that has been developed with the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats Program. She was elected to the US National Academy of Medicine in 2013 in recognition of her successful and innovative approach to emerging environmental and global health threats and serves on the National Academies’ Forum on Microbial Threats, as well as chairs the Academies’ One Health Work Group. 

jkmazet@ucdavis.ed | 530-752-7526

Matthew Blake

matt blake

Chief Operating Officer, One Health Institute

Matthew “Matt” Blake joined the One Health Institute as its Chief Operating Officer in late 2012. He came to us as a serial entrepreneur, and his most recent startup in educational services brought him to Davis in 2011. With a long and storied career in business operations and an MBA from Georgetown University, he is responsible for managing the finance, human resources, marketing and communications, development, facilities, contracting, health and safety, legal, and bottle washing for the Institute, as well as each of its centers, laboratories, projects and programs. Matt earned his B.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology with a minor in Philosophy. He also has an A.A. in Liberal Studies from the College of San Mateo. And even though he has lived in five other states over the years, Matt is a proud Northern California native who lives in Davis with his wonderful wife and twin daughters. | 530-754-9032

Pat Conrad

pat conrad

Associate Dean, Global Programs

Dr. Patricia Conrad is a Distinguished Professor of Parasitology, Associate Dean for Global Programs at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and Co-Director of the UC Global Health Institute. Her research is focused on the transmission of protozoal parasites between wildlife, humans and domestic animals. She received her DVM from Colorado State University, PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and post-doctoral training at the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Conrad is an American Academy of Microbiology Fellow, member of the National Academy of Medicine and 2017 recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association Lifetime Excellence in Research Award. Most importantly, she shares a love of ‘country living’ with her ridgeback, MacAlister, Nigerian dwarf goats and feline friends, and an enthusiastic passion for global travel with Roger and her sons, Alex and Ian. | 530-752-7210

Kirsten Gilardi

kirsten gilardi

Co-Director, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center

Kirsten Gilardi is Co-Director of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center (WHC) and a Health Sciences Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine & Epidemiology. She earned her DVM at UC Davis in 1993, completed a 3-year residency at the California National Primate Research Center and joined the staff of the WHC in 1998. She was board-certified by the American College of Zoological Medicine in 2001. She started the WHC’s SeaDoc Society in 2000 and its California Lost Fishing Gear Project in 2006, was a co-Director of the Envirovet Summer institute from 2000 - 2010, and since 2009 has served as a co-director of Gorilla Doctors, a partnership between the WHC and the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project. She is a past President of the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, and was honored to receive the Emil P. Dolensek Award from the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians in 2015. | 530-752-4896

Tracey Goldstein

tracey goldstein

Associate Director, One Health Institute

Tracey Goldstein returned to the Wildlife Health Center in 2007 to develop the Marine Ecosystem Health Diagnostic and Surveillance Laboratory. She is currently a Professor in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology and Associate Director of the One Health Institute. She oversees the One Health Institute Laboratory and Marine Ecosystem Health Diagnostic and Surveillance Laboratory, is Co-Principal Investigator on the USAID funded PREDICT project and leads the pathogen detection and laboratory capacity building objectives for the project. She also continues to study diseases in marine mammal and other wildlife populations. Tracey earned her B.S in Aquatic Biology at UC Santa Barbara and her PhD in Comparative Pathology at UC Davis. | 530 752 0412

Michelle Hawkins

michelle hawkins

Director, California Raptor Center

Michelle Hawkins received her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997 and completed a residency and fellowship in Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of California, Davis in 2001. She became board-certified in Avian Practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practice in 2002. After 2 years in private practice, she joined the faculty of the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine faculty. She is currently Professor of Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis and Director of the California Raptor Center. Her research focuses on anesthesia, analgesia and critical patient care for companion and wild birds. | 530-752-1393

Lavonne Hull

lavonne hull

Business Office Manager, One Health Institute

Lavonne joined the administrative team at the Wildlife Health Center in 2000. Before coming to UCD, she worked in administration, management, and accounting for legal firms and restaurants. Lavonne is currently the Business Office Manger at the OHI where she supervises the administrative staff and manages the day to day business of the OHI.  As the Administrative Coordinator for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, Lavonne provides administrative support to the OWCN on a daily basis and during oil spill responses, Lavonne manages personnel, logistics, coordinates lodging and catering for response personnel, maintains the supply chain for the rehabilitation facility, and oversees financial transactions between the Responsible Party, the OWCN, and OWCN Member Organizations. | 530-752-3854

Woutrina Smith

woutrina smith

Co-Director, UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise

Woutrina Smith leads the multicampus UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise and has been part of the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine’s One Health Institute since its inception. Originally from Alaska, Dr. Smith studied at Pomona College in Los Angeles, at School for Field Studies in Australia, and at UC Davis on her way to becoming a Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Dr. Smith has One Health research projects in Africa and Asia, as well as in California, where multidisciplinary teams work together to solve complex population and planetary health problems in innovative ways. Dr. Smith has received funding from diverse sources including the National Institutes of Health, the US Agency for International Development, the US Department of Defense, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support her research and training endeavors. | 530-754-0119

Christine Kreuder Johnson

christine kreuder johnson

Associate Director, One Health Institute

Christine Kreuder Johnson is Professor of Epidemiology and Ecosystem Health and Associate Director of the One Health Institute in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis where she directs the EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics. Her research activities focus on disease spillover and spread, epidemiologic drivers of zoonotic disease transmission, ecosystem level processes that impact wildlife population health and emerging infectious diseases, and mechanisms underlying wildlife species declines. She provides epidemiologic support to state and national agencies to understand epidemic threats to wildlife and she has developed risk-based approaches for surveillance and risk characterization across a range of field studies from the local to global scale. Professor Johnson currently directs animal and human surveillance activities for USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT project to detect disease spillover, amplification, and spread and inform risk mitigation. At UC Davis, she has designed core didactic instruction in one health and ecosystem health for graduate and professional degree programs and trains graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in wildlife epidemiology and disease ecology. | 530-752-1238

Michael Ziccardi

michael ziccardi

Co-Director, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center

Michael Ziccardi has been a part of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center (WHC) since its inception – first as a graduate student, then as staff, and now as its Co-Director. He received his DVM, as well as his masters and doctorate in epidemiology, from UC Davis. Since 1996, Michael has acted as an oil spill response veterinarian and oiled wildlife response director during more than 50 spills nationally and internationally – most notably as the Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Group Supervisor for NOAA during the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010. He has worked as a Contract Veterinarian for the California Department of Fish and Game/Wildlife, a Research Epidemiologist for the Lincoln Park Zoo, and as both a Program Coordinator and Senior Wildlife Veterinarian for the WHC. Currently, in addition to being the Co-Director of the WHC, he is Director for California’s Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) as well as a Health Science Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine & Epidemiology. | 530-754-5701