Prospective Students

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We invite any qualified medical health professional to join the MPVM program. Contact us if you'd like help preparing your application or have questions about visas, prior records and transcripts, documentation of English proficiency, and life at UC Davis. Our multicultural and diverse program thrives because of the top quality and experiences of our students and alumni.

Program Requirements

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MPVM student education is centered around required and elective courses as well as a research project. Starting this year, we are phasing in our updated curriculum, where the program retains the strong courses in statistics, epidemiology, advanced epidemiology, implementation of research, and epidemiological methods, but we also expand to offer Animal/human Health Leadership, ecosystem health, and infectious disease epidemiology. A growing menu of annual or every-other-year elective offerings includes disease ecology, epidemiological modeling, zoonoses, risk analysis, diagnostic test evaluation, spatial epidemiology, and many others within and beyond the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Research Project Information

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MPVM students complete an applied epidemiologic study which culminates in a written and oral report and hopefully a published paper. The intent of the project is to develop skills in the design and conduct of field research and data analysis. The study can be designed to uncover facts or principles, or it can involve the development of an educational or disease control program. Over the years, research projects have focused on a variety of topics including: diseases of livestock, poultry, wildlife, companion animals, zoonoses and food safety.


The University of California, Davis welcomes applications for the Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) degree program. The MPVM is a 1-2 year graduate professional Master’s degree open to veterinarians and other medical professionals. Since 1967, this pioneering program’s more than 900 graduates have excelled worldwide in leadership, academic, and research positions with universities, private industry, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and governments.