• A Fulbright in Egypt

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Even as Egypt continues to undergo wrenching and often violent political and social change, ordinary life goes on in many ways in this most populous of Arab nations.

Dr. Mary Christopher, a Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine, was a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt during the 2010-11 academic year. As a veterinary pathologist, researcher, editor, and educator, Dr. Christopher taught and interacted widely with Egyptian universities and ministries on animal health, diagnostics, education, and scientific writing. Her work began in the relative calm and security of the Mubarak era, was interrupted briefly by the 2011 revolution, and continued after the revolution amid an atmosphere of hope and euphoria, but also uncertainty about the future. She returned again to Egypt in the spring of 2013. 

Dr. Christopher’s photographs capture the continuity of life in Egypt at this critical and convulsive juncture in its history. Her images also focus our attention on the animals of Egypt, their intimate connections with people, and the intersections of culture, politics, and religion.