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Holiday Pet Baskets

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The Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Basket program was started in 1995 by Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital's ”VOICE” newsletter staff members. It has grown from only 25 baskets to 130 baskets last year. With so many baskets, it takes many people helping and contributing to make it a success. We wish to remind everyone that every year we rely on the kindness of others to help these animal family members.  Please help keep this wonderful tradition alive by contributing any time of year to the  Mercer Veterinary Clinic Holiday Pet Baskets. All of the clients and pets love this annual  event, just like Beethoven and Ruby.

Ruby and Beethoven

Click for the story of Beethoven and Ruby.

For more information on the Holiday Pet Basket and Winter Pet Coat and Sweater Program please email

The Holiday Pet baskets are distributed at the December Mercer Clinic which is always the second Saturday of the month.

Happy Holidays at the Mercer Clinic

To make a financial donation to the Holiday Pet Baskets, please donate by one of the following options:

1) On-line:

For your convenience, we welcome on-line donations via our donation site 

A donation to Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Baskets will automatically be added to your gift basket, and you may enter the desired amount at checkout, located on the right hand side.


2) By check:

For checks, please make checks out to: UC Regents - Mercer Holiday Pet baskets

Mail to:

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Office of the Dean
P.O. Box 1167
Davis, CA
Attn: Mercer Holiday Pet Baskets

Mercer Veterinary Clinic and the Elves of the Holiday Pet Baskets wish to thank all the company and individual participants in our program and we also wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday season.