Lab Animal Medicine Club

Laboratory Animal Medicine Club

Mission Statement

We are the Laboratory Animal Medicine Club.  Our goal is to educate, assist, and encourage a pursuit in laboratory animal medicine and/or research. We want to educate students on what being a laboratory animal veterinarian or investigator means, how it affects veterinary medicine globally, and what opportunities are available. We want to assist those who are interested in a career in this field by providing them with contacts and, if available, hands on learning experiences and labs to furthers their skills. Finally, we want to encourage a pursuit in laboratory animal medicine and/or research by organizing and directing our club based on the needs of the students in each academic year.

Mission Areas

Career development, education, promotion of the profession, research and teaching animal appreciation and biomedical research importance


The Laboratory Animal Medicine Club is registered under SCAVMA and is formally affiliated with the American Society for Laboratory Animal Practitioners as a student chapter.