Success Stories

Here is just a sampling of the success stories from our clinical trials!
UC Davis Neurosurgeons Successfully Remove Brain Tumor from French Bulldog Dazzy, Extending Dog's Life
VMTH Clinical Trial "Case of the Month" (June 2018): UC Davis Neurosurgeons Successfully Remove Brain Tumor, Extending Dog's Life

Dazzy, a 4-year-old male French bulldog, began having seizures and acting aggressive toward strangers – a behavior he had never previously displayed. His owners took him to see their primary veterinarian who ultimately referred them to a neurologist near their home in Southern California. An MRI performed by the neurologist revealed a left intra-axial cerebral mass, most consistent with a glioma (brain tumor).

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Boone's life has been extended thanks to a successful cancer clinical trial at UC Davis
VMTH Clinical Trial "Case of the Month" (May 2018): Successful Cancer Clinical Trial at UC Davis Extends Dog's Life

Boone, a 9-year-old male greater Swiss mountain dog, was previously diagnosed with stage 3 malignant oral melanoma based on the size of the tumor and spread of the tumor to his lymph nodes. His owner, Danae Unti, decided to bring him to the cancer specialists at the UC Davis veterinary hospital for further evaluation after their local veterinary oncologist suggested they seek further care at the university.

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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan of Bella the horse's hock
Precise Imaging Solves Horse's Chronic Lameness Issue

Bella, a 16-year-old American Quarter Horse mare, has historically suffered from chronic hind limb issues. She was previously diagnosed with bilateral osteoarthritis of the lower tarsal joints (hock), but intra-articular medication had failed to significantly improve her lameness on the right hind. Bella had been ridden by two small children for the past three years and is an integral part of their family. Due to the severity of this lameness, however, she could no longer be ridden. Committed to improving Bella’s condition, her family brought her to the UC Davis veterinary hospital. 

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