Other Services

Veterinary Services

If your horse requires any other veterinary treatment, we will notify you and a staff member of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital will provide treatment.  Please advise us if you wish to have your horse dewormed, vaccinated or treated for any condition while in quarantine.

Other Services

Quarantine horse

We offer farrier services, specialized feeding and exercise for an additional charge. If you require an insurance examination and/or an interstate or international health certificate, please advise us early in the quarantine period so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Horses can be exercised in our multiple-horse Free Flow Equicizer shown below


Exercise and grooming programs are scheduled to help maintain fitness, with riding options available. A large outdoor arena and all-weather surface 60-foot round pen are available.

Exercise arena

Alan Pymont is an accomplished horseman with over 30 years’ experience handling, riding, competing and training of horses in all disciplines. He has his own horses competing and winning on the jumping circuit. Alan an independent contractor who has been riding horses at the UC Davis quarantine for two years. He can create an exercise plan for your horse while in quarantine to suit your needs. Alan can be contacted at (916) 298-4322.

Alan Pymont with HorseAlan Pymont riding at the CEH

*Additional charges apply for these services and may be billed separately.