CEH Donor Roll


*Indicates our Silver Stirrup Society Lifetime Members, donations over $25,000.

The Silver Stirrup Society is a unique equine organization. It provides the Center for Equine Health with financial support for programs and activities that cannot be funded with current state resources.

The Silver Stirrup Society also provides a forum for sharing new advances in equine research andcveterinary care. Membership is open to associations, clubs and
individuals who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the CEH. Lifetime
memberships are offered to donors of larger gifts and bequests of $25,000
or more.

Alamo Pintado Equine Research Foundation*
Dawn Arnall*
Tom and Julie Atwood*
Bosack Kruger Foundation*
California Dressage Society*
California Thoroughbred Foundation*
Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation*
Kathy Cromwell*
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club*
Alexis Deutsch-Adler
Dolly Green Research Foundation, Inc.*
Jane Evanson*
Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses, Inc.
Bob and Valerie Fish*
Carol J. Green Estate*
Dolly Green Research Foundation*
Colleen & Robert D. Haas Fund*
Fentress Hall*
Candace A. and Kent A. Humber, DVM*
E. Floyd and Jean Kvamme*
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Kelly Foundation*
Jon S. and Sarah S. Kelly*
Gayle Knox*
Sandy Lerner*
William and Inez Mabie Family Foundation*
McBeth Foundation*
Patricia Mikkelsen*
Mohave Valley Riding Club
Moss Foundation*
Oak Meadow Fund*
Oak Tree Charitable Foundation*
Gerald L. and Robin C. Parsky*
Harriet E. Pfleger Foundation*
Sandy and Heloise B. Power*
Dick and Carolyn Randall*
Robert L. and Connie R. Rosenthal*
Rose Foundation*
The Honorable Tam Nomoto Schumann and Edward Schumann, MD*
Claudia Sonder, DVM
Southern California Equine Foundation, Inc.*
Linda D. Starkman*
Charles Stracynski Estate*
Stuart Family Charitable Trust*
Juliette W. Suhr*
Sunset Fund*
Carol Ward*
Charles E. and Judith A. Wheatley, III*
Joyce Williams Estate*
Patricia S. Yeretzian*
John E. Zimmerman*

PARTNERSHIP GIFTS - $1,000 TO $9,999

Kristie Abrams and David Rubcic
Marsha A. and John H. Anderson, DVM
Animal Medical Center
Baileys Foundation
Big D Blankets
John and Sally Biggin
Boehringer Ingelheim
Gordon E. Brown
Patty Brutten
Diablo Horse Clinic
Andrea Dino
Cathy J. Miller
Elite Equine Veterinary Services
Equine Veterinary Services
Elizabeth Feinberg Fund
William Fuchs
James C. and Susan G. Gaither
Murray B. and Alice E. Gardner
Rita S. Godward
Steven Green
Gail Gregson
Don T. and Scarlett C. Hibner, Jr.
Gerald K. Huff, DVM
Large Animal Veterinary Associates
Jeane Libit
Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center
Marinera Publishing
North American Trail Ride Conference, Region 1
James A. Neff and Pamela P. Neff
North Coast Veterinary Hospital
Pride Mountain Vineyards, LLC
Joan Roudenbush
Ruthlein Toell Foundation, Inc.
Ruth V. Sobeck, DVM
Sonoma-Marin Veterinary Service
Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic, Inc.
Surdna Foundation
Susan S. Tanimura
Donald G. and Elizabeth A. Trinchero
Larry Wohlford, DVM
Warren M. and Jane H. Zuckert


Barbara J. Abate
Kenneth and Laura Adams, DVM
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Carol A. Allen
James H. and Lynda P. Allen
Laura Anders
Frances J. Anderson
Kenneth A. and Lyn S. Anderson
Todd and Ronene Anderson
Patricia Andrews
Ann V. Armstrong
Martin and April Armstrong, DVM
Shirley and Rick Arthur, DVM
Lisa M. Atckison
Barry B. and Gina J. Bailey
Alvin R. Barrett
Barbara C. Bartlett
Edna Bayliff and Laren Gartner
Juanita J. Beaupre
Michael and Marianne Beeman
Richard T. Bender
Dexter N. Bergounous
Jini Berman
Doni L. Bird
Lisa Blank
David S. Bogenrief, D.V.M., Inc.
Robert W. Booton and Tamsen M. Duke
Craig W. and Mary Bostard
Richard R. and Jo-Ann A. Braden
Richard J. Braun
Brockman-Richards Fund
Doris G. Bruns
Louis F. Brusatori and Mary Jane Anderson
Gail J. Bullard
Richard C. and Deborah A. Burge
Neil T. Burton
Linda Butler
Canadian Connemara Pony Society
Canyon Large Animal Clinic
Richard P. and Teresa H. Castanias II
Kathie B. Cheatham
Scott E. McKinster and Michelle L. Cheever
Shirley S. Chen
Denise A. Cherry
Rebecca A. Childers, DVM
Circle Oak Equine Rehabilitation
Gayleen A. Clark
Peter Cole
Mark A. Collons
Ann W. Coppenbarger
Cortaro Equine Hospital, P.C.
William B. and Anne B. Coy
Tim and Becky Crafts
Dennis M. Cristofani
Dentistry for Animals
William R. and Katherine S. Denton
Desert Pines Equine Center
Ann B. Dey
Diablo Arabian Horse Association
Wendy N. Digiorno
Paula Diuri
Fred and Carol Doss
Robert T. and Beth E. Dovi
Bertam and Lola Drouin
Debra Duffer
Richard Keatinge and Jessica Dugan, DVM
Robert and Tammy Dunn
Peter and Dorothy Dykema
E Wa Tom Lih Kin Appaloosas
Glenda F. Eachus
Sheila B. Edginton
David and Kimberly Elliott
Steve R. Elowitt
Robert Emerson and Lauren Westreich
Jon and Linda Elsnab
Empire Equine Hospital
Equine Veterinary Associates, Inc.
Scott T. Essex
Jane G. and Gary H. Evans, DVM
Shamus L. and Margo E. R. Evans
Exeter Veterinary Hospital
Joy A. Falk
Michael and Catherine Falkenstein
Kathy and Greg Fellers, DVM
Brian Ferguson and Berit Meyer
Ron and Lauren Ficaro
Mary E. Flannery
James P. and Kristen A. Finch
Thomas V. Fontana
Judith G. Force, DVM
Linda L. Fowler
Ralph A. Frias and Loretta J. Lambdin Frias
Jennifer Fruge
Suzanne Furber
Laurie J. Gage, DVM
Jennifer N. Galuppo, DVM, and Larry D. Galuppo, DVM
Michael M. Garland
Debbie Gee-Merkle
Richard George and Robin Steckhahn
J. Paul Getty Trust Employee Matching Program
Michael W. Giacopuzzi, DVM
Raymond and Christina Gillie
Nancy Grana
Katharine D. Graves
Great Basin Equine Medicine & Surgery
Grady C. and Lynda M. Grissom
Lorinne Griswold
Alan D. and Pamela F. Grossbard
Carolyn E. Hahn
Linda M. Hall
Marsha Hamm
Karen Hamme
Christine B. Hanson
John Harris and Lisa Palermo
Blair and Susan Hart
Margaret H. Hartshorn
Rochen C. Heers
Thomas and Connie Herzig
Peter M. and Alison R. Hill
Lori A. Hinkelman
Eric J. and Debbie Hinzel
James and Ellen Hodos
Susan G. Hootkins
Marc A. Horrell
Fumiko Humberd
Kevin G. Hunt
Hunter Stallion Station
Ron and Duffy Hurwin
Lisa Illick
Sumiko and Yoshio Iwamoto
Raymond Jacobson
Ronald C. and Cheryl L. Jensen
Marti Jessen
Sue M. Jobe
George and Celia Johnson
Kari E. Johnson
Robert and Lise Jones
Nadine Joyce
Julie C. Von Hennig
Michael and Virginia Kahn
Michael and Leah Kantor
John W. Kaufman, DVM
Mariana M. Kaupp
John and Gail Kautz
William R. and Antoinette C. Kehr
Addie G. Ketner
Trish Kieffer
Lynda C. Koehler
Steven Kosack
John K. and Virginia S. Kraft
Gayle L. Kummerfeldt
Eleanor E. Kussman
Michael and Donna Lairmore
Richard C. and Dawn J. Lanes
Sherry L. Langrock
Phyllis Lanphier
Large Animal Vet Service of Santa Cruz, Inc.
Joy Law
LesAnn LeClaire
John and Janis Leiker
Joseph F. Leisek
Christine Lekutis
Keith and Gail Leland
Robin L. Lewis
Los Caballos Equine Practice, Inc.
Stacy Losin
Kent A. and Melissa E. Lovelady
Dixie L. Luebcke
Clyde and Ellen Macdonald
Larry and Joan Mack
Lettie and N. James Maclachlan, BVSc, PhD
Margaret F. Mah
Carol Marrington
Gilbert E. and Linda N. Marriott
Charles E. and Judy A. Martin, DVM
Matilija Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Linda D. Maxwell
Robert E. McCabe
Lynn McLaren
Mary A. McLean
Lynn McLellan
R. H. and Christine McParland
Dennis M. and Helen A. Meagher
Christine Merritt
David W. and Kathleen M. Menez
Middleburg Human Foundation
Grant R. Miller, DVM
Seiko Mizuno
Morton and Jean Cathro
Ellen Mojica
Mono Way Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Dennis F. Moyles
J. F. and Helen D. Muirhead
Jorge A. and Sandra L. Murga
Charles Del Valle and Irene Murray
Napa Valley Equine
Napa Valley Veterinary Hospital Inc.
Sharon Neal
Alan and Patricia Negrin
Lynda M. Nehr
William J. and Carland C. Nicholson
North Coast Equine
North Valley Equine Veterinary Service
Dennis P. and Marcia Nutter
Michael A. O'Brien, DVM
Bonnie L. O'Connor
One Woman Equine Veterinary Services
Lindsey K. Ono
Pacific Coast Equine Veterinary Services, Inc.
Suzanne Pani
Mary A. Paul
Charlotte L. Payne
Kenneth Pennington
Gregory H. Miller and Carolyn L. Penny
David Penny
Wade H. and Carolyn K. Penny, Jr.
Performance Coatings, Inc.
Mark E. and Susan L. Perry
Judelyn A. Peterson
Danielle Pickens
Robert and Arlena Pipkin, DVM
Sally B. Pitts
Mimi M. Plate
Barbara J. Plunkett
Richard and Edna Pollock
Brett Post
John and Virginia Potter
Richard and Kathryn Potts
Progressive Equine, Inc.
Redwood Empire Wine Storage, Inc.
Redwood Equine Practice, Inc.
Jannafer Reed
Alan and Theresa Reese
Leonard and Cessna Refsland
Rebecca L. Richman
Joe and Terri Riley
Eileen Robinson
Marian L. Robinson
Kelly A. Roetman
Paul and Phyliss Rosen
Kathleen Roth
Chuck and Molly Ruckel
Frank and Lynn Ruger
Jay R. and Michelle Y. Rush
Jason C. and Kathy J. Russell
Annamarie M. Saggio
Janet J. Sally-Lee
Brett Salmi
Ron C. and Barbara L. Sanches
Catherine K. Sauer
Leslie A. Siemon-Saunders and Robert C. Saunders, DVM
Dominique Scaggs
Francis O. Scarpulla
Carol A. Scatena
Christine C. Schaller
Janis E. Schmidt, DVM
Marti K. Schwartz
Jon and Loretta A. Scott
Shady Grove Riding Camp
Janet Sherwood
Karen Shore
Craig G. Shimizu and Karen E. Mundwiler
Slate Creek Animal Hospital
Michael A. D'Onofrio and Bonnie L. Slosson
Yolanda Smith
Janet E. Soderstrom
Jennifer D. Stalley
Paul R. Stauffer
Donna L. Stevens
Donna C. Stidolph
Beth L. Stone
Sunrise Hill Farm
Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc.
Nancy A. Szakacs
Templeton Veterinary Clinic, Inc.
Thomas and Janice Tharsing
Phyllis G. Thomas
Linda F. Thomason
Donna D. Thornton
Linda Thornton
Donald and Lenore A. Tsang
Harriet V. Tucker
Edward and Ann M. Ulibarri
Maria L. Valdes, MD
Larry Van Note
Marc and Georgette Victor
Keith Von Haesler
Beth A. Wagner
Robert R. and Pamela A. Walbridge
Floyd L. and Edith M. Wallace
Laura J. Waller
Lorna M. Webb
John B. and Jane C. Wells
Gordon B. and Berta K. West
Westwood Large Animal Vet Clinic
Ruth M. Wheeler
Douglas and Barbara White
Glynis D. Wileman
Harold Wilson
Andrew and Bridger Wingate
Anthony R. and Lucinda J. Withington
Betsy Wobus
Gerald I. and Susan K. Worth
Linda D. Wuy
Kris Yapp and Molly Cain
Loraine and Robert Young
Robert E. and Sandra M. Younger
Beverly Yuhause-Becker

List is current through September 30, 2015. Note: If we inadvertently omitted your name from our list of donors, please let us know!