Areas of Study

The Center is making great strides in all areas of companion animal medicine. By unlocking the causes of diseases, finding ways to diagnosis and prevent them, developing new treatments and solving real-world problems that affect people and their pets, we advance the field of veterinary medicine and the health of our companion animals.

In addition to funding all areas of veterinary companion animal health (surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, infectious diseases, anesthesia, etc.), we currently have chosen to focus on these three areas of study.


Photo: Cancer

We aim to design more-effective cancer treatments, extend quality of life and find cures. Our vets compassionately guide clients and pets through the diagnoses and treatment process.


Photo: Genetics

We apply genetic research to better understand which animals are at risk for certain diseases and develop more-advanced diagnostic tests and gene therapies to improve pet health.

Shelter Medicine

Photo: Shelter Medicine

We advance shelter medicine through research, training and education, and improve the quality of life of animals in shelters with preventative medicine and disease management.