Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award

The Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award is given to educators in recognition of their character and leadership qualities as well as their outstanding teaching abilities. Winners of the Distinguished Teacher Award are then evaluated annually to select the National Award winner.

Clare Yellowley 2017 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award

Dr. Clare Yellowley

Dr. Clare Yellowley

Dr. Clare Yellowley is recognized for excellence in teaching histology and cell biology of cartilage, muscle and bone to both professional DVM and graduate students as well as for superb block leadership in VET403.

A Professor in the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology, Yellowley received her BSc (Hons) (1991) in Anatomy, from Aberdeen University, UK and her PhD (1995) in Physiology from Bristol University, UK. She joined the school’s faculty in July 2003.

Yellowley teaches early in the DVM curriculum in VET401 and VET403 with goals of maintaining student excitement and enthusiasm for learning, while instilling core knowledge and aiding the development of critical thinking skills. Excellent teaching in the basic sciences is often difficult to achieve; however, student comments about her as an instructor are glowing. Her passion and ability to connect with students as well as her organized lectures are highly touted. She concentrates on big picture, foundational material that aligns with learning outcomes that enable students to absorb the content relevance. Yellowley asks questions at the end of her lectures, allowing students to reflect and ensure that they have grasped the main concepts. Each year, she adds new slides, audio tours and images providing students with a far superior window into the cellular makeup of musculoskeletal tissue. Under her leadership, basic and clinical faculty have worked together to design and facilitate two Problem-Based Learning (PBL) exercises to foster critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. Students refer to the PBL exercises as the “gold standard” for small group learning.

Not only is Yellowley’s teaching superb but VET403 is considered one of the best organized blocks in the curriculum, well-paced with material easily applied, largely due to her leadership and collegial approach. Recognizing that integration is key, Yellowley has introduced discussion sessions that take place early in each week, bringing together faculty who have recently delivered material to field conceptual problems. Students find this very helpful as it allows a lively collegial forum for clarifying concepts. Many students comment that this is their “favorite block” due to its organization and the integration of both content and teaching sessions.

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