Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine Club

Mission Statement

FARM Club exists to provide extracurricular learning and networking opportunities for students interested in production medicine. We believe in providing utmost care for animals, while working to ensure a healthy, wholesome and safe food supply to benefit the world. We have the unique responsibility to bring sound scientific evidence to our future clients and to educate the consuming public about the food they eat. This mission begins in school and continues throughout our careers as food animal practitioners.

FARM Club Activities

FARM Club has an increasing list of opportunities to advance our learning. These include:

  • Weekly clinical rounds
  • Regular field trips and wet labs
  • CALF team which allows students extra experience in C-Barn
  • Annual AABP/AASRP Conference
  • Annual Beef Improvement Symposium

How to Join

Many of our reminders are sent only to club members. Our members also get priorities for club events. If you haven't signed up yet, no problem!  E-mail your request to FARM Club Secretary Kelly London, and write a check out for $10 to "FARM Club" and put it in Joseph Banuelos's mailbox (class of 2019).

Check out our Facebook page for more frequent updates on: F.A.R.M. Club at UC Davis!